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    Welcome to Wenzhou Jude Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.
    TEl:+0086 0577-86998719/Mail:wzjude@wzjude.com

    Wenzhou Jude Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

    It is a comprehensive enterprise integrating design, R&D, manufacturing, engineering installation and after-sales service. Specializing in the production of chemical, pharmaceutical, and raw Complete production line for materials, daily chemicals, drying, beer equipment and dairy beverages, sanitary fluid material pipe fittings...
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    • Yili
    • Mengniu
    • Panpan food
    • Qiaqia Food
    • Pepsi
    • Baisui Mountain
    • Huiyuan
    • Wahaha
    • Wandefang Project Management
    • Tonghui Energy Saving
    • CHAO FU
    • Yuanchen Engineering
    • Quanzhongyun Property
    • Yuanxin Engineering Management
    • Vertical and horizontal wisdom
    • Yasheng Greenhouse
    • Kewei Management
    • Lianqiang Group
    • Qi Li Chemical
    • Jiuzhou Yaocheng
    • Wuhan Guobangda
    • Eno Pharmaceutical
    • Baokang
    • Hengrui Chemical Equipment
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